Graph Druckula has become legendary.



Established as a graphics workshop at the beginning of the wild 80s,
Graph Druckula developed a reputation for its subreal underground graphics
and its politically committed graphic design work in the fields of culture and
social issues.

In the 90s, Graph Druckula entered the field of business-to-business and
consumer advertizing for renowned firms. But working for non-profit
organizations, as well as for institutions and associations committed to
social issues, remains no less important to us.

But stay with us a little longer.

A selection of our work shows you the strengths of our creative
achievements. We want to rouse the enthusiasm of our customers
through suprising and successful solutions – solutions we want to
develop for you as well, crafting them to suit your specific business
needs and your target audience – from the initial conceptual
design to the finished product.

We look forward to being in touch with you.

Enjoy your tour.

Your Graph Druckula Team