Welcome to the Graph Druckula Edition!

Created in the 1980s, the Graph Druckula Edition has since become legendary.

Sometimes critical, sometimes questioning or ironic, the edition is fun one moment and artistically enigmatic the next. Illustrous ideas, elaborately realized by means of offset printing or serigraphy, always experimental, with a strong graphic impact. An approach that provoked attention and attracted purchasers from Berlin to Boston. The roots of our current activities are to be found here.

Although we hesitated for some time, we have decided to finally give in to ongoing requests and the Graph Druckula (Die Graphen) edition is now available again – and increasingly popular.

What the edition provides: High quality graphic art, messages from the subcultural milieu that often leave the viewer feeling strangely touched.

But see for yourself. We update our gallery regularly.
And if one or more of our motifs should take your fancy, just submit an order and fuel our zeal
Our works are affordable – for the time being

Our mainly large-format motifs are produced in small numbers and printed in response to orders. Currently all motifs are available as artboard prints.

As a special delicacy, the A1-motif „Cling together, swing together“ is available as an offset print at a reduced price.


Enjoy the Graph Druckula Edition.